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On the forefront, Crescita is a consultation and outsourcing firm. It prides itself on being multi-disciplinary, recruiting individuals who have different skill sets to offer. Situated conveniently in Alberta, Crescita is well connected to significant towns such as Amatsu, Kunlun, Ayothaya, and Dewata. The organization is hard at work in establishing itself in Luoyang, Moscovia, and Braisilis.

Behind the scenes, however, Crescita operates as a mafia family with moderately extensive connections to the black market. Their activities as a consulting and outsourcing firm are given a new perspective since they go beyond legal means: extortion, blackmail, assassination, etc. The family has its own moral code, only accepting these types of requests if they believe it to be in line with their sense of justice.

Despite the promise of money from this service, Crescita's main business is actually information marketing. The more you know, the better your execution is. There is development and growth within the organization (its members) and outside it (society). This is the true purpose of Crescita:

"To go above and beyond limitation and reinforce our own sense of justice"

The family is a new comer having only been in the legal business for two years, although their information marketing ploy can be traced farther back. The initial funding to establish this organization came from the Don's benefactors and his own personal savings - a fact which divided the opinions of potential investors. A part believed that these upstarts won't make it in the market given the weak financial background while another part believed the young Don's accomplishment in building a medium-scale organization with limited resources hinted at rigorous discipline which will propel Crescita forward.

Regardless of the clashing opinions, Crescita was able to attract a decent amount of investors to bring it to where it is today. This family has a long way to go before becoming a superpower but it is definitely a family to respect.


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