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Biodata is virtually the same as Alessio's with certain exceptions. (The obvious one being sex.)

Her interest still lies in information marketing and justice but her methods are different. Instead of heading a consultation firm, she opens up a jazz bar/cabaret. She still has an outright distaste for politicians but due to circumstances, she doesn't meddle in their affairs through direct assassination, having found other ways to deal with corruption.

She is occasionally referred to as Domina but she is more often called Prima. "Prima" was the word they used to describe the night of Crescita's grand opening. It's an Italian word which means "premiere" or "first night". For some reason, people began associating Alessia with the term and it stuck. She still finds it strange (just imagine calling yourself "The Premiere") but openly jokes about it. ("So... this'll be your first night, right? ♥ Haha, I'm kidding! Relax.")


Not surprisingly and very obviously, Alessia shares many traits with her genderbend; the method in presentation would differ, however. For instance, they both share a love for Marvel comics but Alessio is more vocal about it having found a comfortable environment to openly talk about it. Alessia only makes references to them and will not be the one to pursue the topic unless she's certain the other party is willing to follow that train of thought or she's comfortable around them. This is due to her peers preferring other conversational topics. (Let's face it. The comic book industry has an uneven male to female ratio.)

As a woman in an underground market, Alessia had to adapt to a male-dominated society. When she started out, she wasn't worth anything to her audience: barely giving a glance, barraging her with personal questions, openly insulting her, and - the worst of it  - sexual harassment. She needed to push harder than the rest to prove herself to them. But even with that extra push, the end result was more or less the same. In the end, she gave up trying to take them seriously too and developed a charismatic personality tailored to suit a male audience. (i.e. She became a flirt.)
"Beautiful and pleasurable things don't come free nowadays, Signore, but they can come at an affordable price. ♥"
"Ooh, such a clever boy, you are~ I wonder just how clever you can get."
She found this approach very effective. It is for this reason that I imagine her to be a far better liar salesperson speaker than Alessio. She had to talk more and it built her skill.

Along with this persona, Alessia grew up to be "sexy" but not in the way Victoria's Secret Angels are sexy. (Though I do think she only barely qualifies for the role, measurement-wise. 34-25-34. She completely fails at height, standing only at 5'3".) Alessia is sexy because of her confidence. It should show in the way she carries herself - a practiced sort of efficiency coupled with convincing certainty in what she tells you. Even when she doesn't know the full details, she'll make it sound like everything's under control! I guess that's also part of the reason why she's good at persuading people. (And, okay, she flirts.)

By saying this, I make it sound like her flirty attitude is only a cover for what she really is. That's not exactly it. She worked on becoming flirty and now she is flirty. That's her way of having fun and she likes having tons of it! But it also serves to protect her from needless hassle. People are more willing to share what they know and won't ask too many questions if she doesn't take herself too seriously either. Enjoy, relax, stay youthful.

But there's a second layer to her. She has this innocent playful quality which is reminiscent of a child. Her interest is easily roused and she gets excited over silly little things. She's always on-the-go, on the look out for an adventure. People on the acquaintance level won't be able to see this as she makes an effort to keep a front. Obviously, she doesn't like talking about personal matters due to initial mistrust towards strangers. People poked fun at her before for something less. Call it lingering childhood trauma but one shouldn't give away something so fragile to unworthy keepers. They'll break it. It's not insecurity. She just feels certain aspects of one's self should be considered sacred.


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