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Alessio was born in a secluded village in Italy on December 31 to middle class parents, Alessandrio and Beatrice Laurentis. The father became a single parent after the mom died of an illness two years after Alessio was born. As his only kid, Alessio was given proper attention by his father but his childhood was anything but colorful. They moved from town to town, his father telling him that "duty dictates it so".
"Seems like a safe family."
"Oh no. I heard the father is running away from debt!"
"No, no! I have a friend from his previous location. They said he's actually a gangster hiding from the police!"
"How dangerous! We musn't interact with them then!"
The frequent migration made it difficult for Alessio to gain permanent friends but more than that, it seemed that wherever they went, the townspeople spoke ill of their family due to reasons not understood by him at his young age. Other townsfolk would insist that their children stay away from such a dangerous child. As a result, he was estranged from the company of others and was always left to play alone. Alessio, if not feared, was often verbally bullied.
"Papa, did we do something wrong?"
"... Of course not."
"Then why do they keep talking about us like that?"
"Just because."
"They should stop. I hate having to listen to them all the time."
"You can't really change it, Alessio. It's... how things are around here."
"... Okay..."
To avoid unwarranted attention from both students and the staff, Alessio confined himself in the school library where it was often deserted and quiet. Truth be told, Alessio was an average student and he wasn't really interested in books. Wall of texts intimidate him but what else were you to do inside a library? He picked up book after book to kill time and, without realizing it, reading became a habit. He read novels, textbooks, newspapers, and anything else he could get his hands on. Knowledge flowed and this showed in the classroom where he got grades high enough to get into honors class. Despite this achievement, the torment never stopped.

At age 12, the family settled into a quiet suburb and this time it was permanent. But months had passed and Alessio was still the hot topic of debate - an outsider who could never belong. The name calling and rude comments only intensified and this angered him that he decided to fight back. Realizing that they can no longer intimidate Alessio like before, the verbal abuse turned physical. Alessio came home one day badly bruised and scathed, prompting the father to teach him basic self-defense which he furthered in his own time.

At that point, Alessio wasn't particularly exceptional in terms of raw strength but he was skilled in evading and had an impeccable sense of timing. Those who tried to harass him ended up receiving more blows than the ones they threw. Embarrassed that they were beaten by someone who was physically inferior to them, they exaggerated their stories to save their reputation. Upon hearing Alessio's "progress", stronger kids became interested in him and sought him as a worthy opponent. As the number of challengers grew, so did his skill set.

This became a common event. He found it unfair that he was treated so poorly but he couldn't find a solution. He took out all his frustrations on his opponents and most of them came home with a broken bone or two. Alessio came to be notorious for this, garnering the name Crate King - a mock title which gives attention to the fact that he was often seen in a back alley sitting on stocks of crates after school.

On one particular occasion, as he was being pressed by a group of thugs, a young boy entered the scene. The unexpected and very much unsolicited help this boy presented initially didn't impress Alessio. In fact, he thought of him as an additional burden. But to his surprise, this young boy did prove to be a capable fighter. After a successful fend-off, the boy introduced himself as Tomohisa Hakuyo and, after realizing who Alessio was, challenged him to a fight when they're both in better shape. In the days to follow, Haku would come by hoping for a one-on-one but Alessio would usually be too busy entertaining the other kids. Haku would be pulled into the fight as a wildcard. This vague unwritten "alliance" with Haku didn't last very long, however, as Alessio stopped frequenting the area when he met his Master.
"You gave that boy quite a beating."
"Are you going to scold me?"
"Yeah. You should've broken his rib. Sloppy handiwork there, kiddo. If you're going to throw a punch, might as well go in for the kill, eh?"
In his early adolescent years, he got acquainted with a homeless old man who he often saw feeding pigeons near his house. As it turns out, this man called Alpha was a soldier back in the day. He was the government's loyal dog up until a certain point where his faith was betrayed. He tore away from his masters and after years of unsuccessful retaliation, resigned to the reality that, with his body deteriorating in health and his mind slowly slipping away, he cannot change anything anymore. However, when he saw Alessio's power - a power which wasn't innate but trained and developed, familiar feelings resurfaced. He took the youth under his wing and taught him a great deal about sciences, literature, martial arts, and people hoping that Alessio would amount to something one day and that he'd be a catalyst for change.
"You know, kiddo, I think the reason why you're so bitter is because you're lonely."
"I'm not lonely!"
"You're dishonest too. How unhappy you must be."
"You got a lot of growing to do."
A few weeks into their training, Alpha took in another student: Haku. Alessio didn't care that Master's attention was divided but he got annoyed at how talkative and blunt his co-student was. Haku bombarded Alessio with questions which Alessio rudely waved off. He had decided to ignore this boy only to go back on his decision moments later.
"Hey, why do you like climbing crates? You’re like a monkey."
"Wha--What?! Who are you calling a monkey, you poodle!!"
Initially, it was all competition for them but they eventually settled into, according to Alessio, a "co-habitation grounded on tolerance". (Translation: "Maybe we're friends". There's an eyeroll there somewhere.) Years later, he'd say something a bit different. ("Have you met my imported mongrel? He's high maintenance but he does a good job of keeping me company. If only I could teach him how to fetch the newspaper~" And then he gets very brilliantly punched for that.)



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